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This is not “about us” but this is really about YOU. EKITAI is about you! your business, your brand, your language and your identity. Ekitai derived from Japanese dictionary which means Liquid.

We chose the name because we are backed by the belief of fluid intelligence, which is a complex human ability that allows us to adapt our thinking to a new cognitive problem or situation. Our squad of experts offers a wide range of services involved in design, animation, content creation and localisation.

We build and grow web systems, applications and e-commerce platforms that propel your business forward. EKITAI’s language support system is continuously helping its client to go global by bridging the linguistic distance. EKITAI outplay industries practices in an ever more competitive environment around the world because of its progressive, research-oriented approach.

What we do is backed up by sound business intelligence, love and passion. We are EKITAI.

Services We Offer

What we do is backed up by sound business intelligence, love and passion. We are EKITAI.


Our experienced design team can work with a wide range of design styles and approaches.

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Digital Development

Our team of developers are behind the technical design, build and implementation ...

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Have expertise in the guidelines of all the popular print-on-demand and converting data ...

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EKITAI goes beyond your regular translation agency. Our experienced team understands ...

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  • Designs
  • Illustrtaion
  • Website & Mobile App
  • Photography


there is something special when creative beings get together - yes you and Ekitai. Are magazines gone? Are video blogs not getting enough eyeballs? Far from it. Despite the doom and gloom that surrounds viable visual media, it is thriving. And you can style one, too ...Designing a visual media is wearing many hats and We understand that putting together a media is a great way to share your vision in a more communicable way

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